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About us


Duo wedding & portrait photographers based in Essex,

A photograph is not just a picture it is a memory. A memory of the way you felt on your wedding day, or the moment you held your child for the first time, and every time you look at that photo you remember exactly how you felt, the butterflies in your tummy, every exact detail of the moment down to the wind on your face or the smell of the spring flowers. It is amazing how simple things like a photograph can make you feel all those things.

Allen has always been a keen photographer from an early age, capturing friends, family, landscapes even animals. As time moved on he turned to weddings and portraits finding fulfilment & passion taking his photography to a new level, and the start of a wedding photography business in 2008 grew.

In 2011 Allen met Becky - Becky having a large background in the wedding industry herself shares Allen’s passion for perfection in everything they both do. Becky & Allen see this as a fantastic opportunity to bring even more to clients. Beckals Photography was Born.

We are a duo team who pride them self in care & devotion for your special day, We make it fun for the whole wedding party as we understand the importance of your big day.

Top 10 things that we love:

* Our Lovely family. It means the world to both of us.

* Attending weddings and witnessing 2 people enter into the most beautiful gift EVER!

* Photos, they have so much meaning to us.

* Spending time with our son. 

* Our Dog baxter. He's a handfull, but we all have so much fun together.

* Laughter.  

* Music. Anything from Rock, Pop, R&B. We love it all.

* Exploring new places.

* Sunshine - It lifts the day.

* Movies.

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